Friday, February 22, 2008


So three days before departure, I finally decided to set up this blog I've been promising for the last month or so. Friends and strangers, feel free to read and comment (or not) upon my life and experiences. For those of you who are planning to send me things (letters, packages), this is something that is in the Peace Corps Dominican Republic Welcome Book. However, I do welcome all correspondence, by email or snail mail. My address is on the side bar for those who wish to use it.

"there is a tax levied on every package received
by a trainee or Volunteer. Peace Corps does not cover these
costs. All packages received in-country are charged RD
(Dominican pesos) $100 (currently about $3 U.S.) to retrieve
and then an additional RD $100 per pound. So, for example,
a 10-pound package would cost the Volunteer RD$1,100
(USD$34.00), a significant amount considering a Volunteer’s
living allowance. "

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Eric said...

Dear Laura,
We are thinking of you. Hope you are enjoying yourself and have a good host family.
Lots of Love,

you can email me on the family account....or at work.